Another Successful Le Mans 2005

The recent 24 Hours race at Le Mans was yet another demonstration of Xtrac's outstanding ability in endurance racing. Xtrac furnished 19 of the 49 starters with gearboxes and/or differentials.

Xtrac's capability in endurance racing is not limited to only one product or class, but now spans LMP1, LMP2, GT1 and GT2, and there is a perfect solution for virtually every installation option.

The conditions at Le Mans this year were as hard as they could be, with temperatures of 35ºc for most of the daylight hours, punishing both the drivers and the internals of the gearbox. Despite these conditions, Xtrac products helped our customers set fastest laps in LMP1 and GT1; the latter class had every car fitted with an Xtrac transmission.

The support team of 6 engineers and technicians who were in attendance throughout the week monitored the events and fortunately were only required to attend to a small number of minor issues.

Come 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, 5 of the top ten finishers (more than any other transmission supplier) were using Xtrac transmissions completing over 14,000 miles between them.

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