Sustainability Policy

Xtrac strives to offer products that are manufactured to the highest level of efficiency whilst having the lowest impact on the environment. We maintain a considerate and careful environmental approach to product development, manufacture and supply, recycling of waste, reduced energy consumption, alternative packaging solutions and the chemicals that we use.

Xtrac is committed to preserve the environment and to take measures when possible to reduce the carbon footprint of our operation. In doing this we endeavour to;

  • Separate and recycle our waste including oil and swarf from manufacturing operations, paper and cardboard, printer cartridges and plastic bottles.
  • Minimise electric consumption by utilising low energy devices and light bulbs throughout the factory and offices.
  • Capital expenditure programme implementing new equipment such as Ipsen IDAC vacuum temper furnace with reduced energy consumption and increased efficiency which additionally solves the potential safety issues present with conventional atmospheric furnaces
  • Reduce our IT electrical consumption and cooling load by the utilisation of a virtualised Server infrastructure.
  • Use local suppliers for all goods whenever possible to reduce delivery miles – out sourced products all come from the local regions.
  • Regularly service our heating and cooling systems to ensure that they operate efficiently and maintain our grounds without the use of water.
  • Encourage staff and guests to switch off lights and appliances when not in use.
  • Use recycled products when suitable – including packaging, Lubricants and coolants and consumable paper products.
  • Promote healthy and active life styles for employees and support initiatives such as Cycle to Work schemes to reduce the impact of emissions from vehicles.
  • Implement an Environmental Management System for accreditation to ISO 14001.