Indycar Contract Signed

Xtrac is proud to have been associated with Indy Racing since it first supplied the Indy Racing League with an exclusive gearbox for the 2000 – 2002 racing seasons. This was immediately followed by a new design of gearbox for 2003 – 2005, which added many safety benefits to the car and improved driver protection in the event of an accident. The contract was then extended again until the end of 2011. During this time Xtrac has continually developed the gearbox with the introduction of the MegaLine Assisted Gearchange System (AGS) plus differentials and reverse gear kits as more road course races were introduced.

The new gearbox will build on Xtrac’s amazing reliability and endurance records most noteworthy being that the 2 millionth mile mark was achieved in 2010.

The smaller lighter gearbox will be more efficient yet also offers increased safety features, improved serviceability and a significant price reduction. It will also continue to be supplied with the MegaLine AGS system that has proved so popular with drivers and the teams as its paddle shift gearchange allows drivers to keep 2 hands on the wheel and to save any missed-shifts with subsequent expensive engine rebuilds.

In 2009 Xtrac transferred the build programme for most of their US product to its facility in Indianapolis and the new gearbox will further expand this programme.

Andrew Heard, Vice President of Xtrac’s US operation said, “We have done an excellent job over the past 11 years and are really looking forward to continuing to work with IndyCar, Dallara, who are producing the new car and all the teams. This gearbox is an exciting project and it will be another great Xtrac success”