Xtrac Attends Opening of YASA’s New Facility

The opening event and tour was hosted by YASA’ CEO Dr Chris Harris, Founder and Technical Director, Dr Tim Woolmer and COO Andy Court.  Adrian Moore Xtrac’s CEO toured the facility with the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP along with other luminaries such as Ian Constance CEO of the Advanced Propulsion Centre and Adrian Went the Managing Director of Griffon Hoverworks.

The Business Secretary Greg Clark MP said, “YASA is a brilliant example of what can be achieved when government, academia and industry come together to turn the best ideas from the best minds into scale-up companies.”

A range of YASA-powered vehicles were on display at the event, including cars from Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover and Williams Advanced Engineering of which several had high performance transmissions supplied by Xtrac with integrated YASA axial-flux electric motors.

Xtrac’s latest transmission to be designed with innovative integrated YASA P400 electric motors is the P1227 Integrated Lightweight Electric Vehicle (ILEV) transmission which is designed up to a maximum peak torque input per motor of 500Nm. This transmission and electric motor combination has been selected by several high performance vehicle manufacturers for test and development vehicles as the move to an EV future becomes ever closer.

Graig Wilson (WAE) Discussing The FW-EVX With Gregg Clark MP.
Williams FW-EVX Lightweight Electric Car Platform.
Xtrac's P1166 ILEV Transmission.
Xtrac's P1227 ILEV Transmission.