Xtrac introduce new Germany process and infrastructure to support P1254 customers

As part of Xtrac’s continued commitment to provide the highest level of service to our customers, we are pleased to announce that from 3rd April 2023, Xtrac’s German freight & logistics partner, the well-regarded CCS-Express GmbH, who are based near Munich Airport, Germany will be able to receive P1254 Integrated Valve Actuators (IVA) pneumatic gearchange actuator units that are being returned for routine scheduled servicing directly from our customers.

CCS-Express GmbH will carry Xtrac manufactured routine service kits in stock to ensure reliable turnaround times.

This new service will allow Xtrac’s customers based outside of the UK (excluding the US) to send their units directly to Germany, where the routine servicing will continue to be performed by Xtrac’s approved supplier, who is also based in the country.

Xtrac’s Head of Motorsport, David Smith commented, ‘We have invested in this new process and infrastructure to ensure our customers receive the most efficient turnaround time for the routine servicing of their gearchange actuators. CCS-Express are a globally recognised freight and logistics partner who operate with the highest level of customer support, and I am fully confident they will ensure our customers continue to receive the highest level of service.’

For further details of this new service, please contact us at sales@xtrac.com.