Our business is fuelled by the dedication and expertise of our diverse teams, each contributing their unique talents to propel us forward. Get ready to meet the driving forces behind our success—from our visionary engineering team constantly pushing the boundaries of technology, to our meticulous manufacturing team ensuring precision and quality in every product.

At Xtrac, our teams are more than just colleagues; they are the heartbeat of the business, working together to shape the future of our industry and beyond.


Our customers are some of the world’s most prestigious organisations within the motorsport and automotive sectors and being part of the commercial team will bring you into direct contact with our customers. Each area of focus within the team brings unique expertise and value and direct contact with our customers presents a great opportunity for building strong relationships and delivering tailored solutions.


Xtrac’s advanced engineering group, encompassing Gear Technology, Research & Development, Production Engineering and Metallurgy, operates as a consultancy providing forward thinking engineering solutions to keep us and our customers well ahead of the competition.


Here at Xtrac, everything is manufactured entirely in-house using state of the art facilities, covering everything from milling, turning, gear cutting and grinding to heat treatment, assembly and parts finishing. We take great pride in delivering complex and high-quality products in our impressive factory.


Quality means everything to us at Xtrac, we expect our products to have the highest of quality and our customers do too. It’s a large part of what makes us the world’s leading supplier of high-performance transmissions for top tier automotive and motorsport.

Xtrac Inc

Xtrac Inc. has two facilities in the USA. One in Indianapolis and the other in Mooresville.

The Indianapolis facility is located just a few minutes’ drive from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The 12,000 sq. ft (1,100 square metres) facility is equipped to offer engineering and spares support for our US market. This also includes gearbox assembly, rig testing and servicing as well as track support for IndyCar, IMSA sportscars, LMP3, GT & touring cars PWC & Baja Off Road series and our various South American series’.

The facility in Mooresville, North Carolina, is dedicated to providing a full support service operation for the gearboxes and driveline used in NASCAR. In addition to having a dedicated engineering support team for the series, there is a comprehensive gearbox build and service operation including end of line (EoL) test rigs and an extensive spare parts inventory. The 12,000 sq. ft (1,100 square metres) facility is located close to the NASCAR Technical Institute.

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Our Culture

We provide all our employees with opportunities to learn new skills and further their careers, through innovative and world leading work, in an environment that allows individuals to success and develop.

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We Put Our People First

We foster a collaborative environment where creativity and initiative are valued, empowering you to make meaningful contributions to our future; a future that our customers support us to achieve. We prioritise growth and development, offering opportunities for skill enhancement and career advancement. We embrace diversity and inclusivity, recognising the strength that comes from different perspectives and backgrounds. By joining us, you become part of a community committed to making a positive impact and driving success.