Our HS&E Commitment

Safety is a value at the very core of our business

We recognise our moral and legal responsibilities to provide a safe environment for our employees, contractors and visitors. Our skilled employees are Xtrac’s most valuable asset, we continually invest in the latest machines, tools and training to prevent accidents and supply employees with the knowledge to make safe choices.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

As a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of transmissions systems, safety is integral to how we do business. We collectively commit to protect our people, our stakeholders and the environment from harm.

Our commitments

  • Contribute to the health and wellbeing of our workforce.
  • Drive a robust safety culture to prevent injuries and to protect our people.
  • Protect the environment by implementing effective systems and pollution prevention practices.

Our principles:

  • Demonstrate visible safety leadership which will set the tone for all our operations.
  • Comply with all customer requirements, company systems, applicable laws and regulations.
  • Consult our people and encourage them to participate regularly in HS&E activities.
  • Train and support our people and stakeholders to work in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Identify, assess and manage all hazards and associated risk levels prior to commencing work.
  • Require all relevant stakeholders to manage HS&E with standards and practices that align with ours.
  • Drive continuous improvement of the HS&E management system to enhance performance by establishing objectives and regularly analysing our performance.


Whilst the Chief Executive Officer is ultimately responsible for HS&E, all employees and stakeholders must share in the application of this policy. By empowering everyone to speak up and act, we will ensure this policy is fully met.

Signed: Xtrac Directors: March 2021

Peter Digby     Adrian Moore     Cliff Hawkins     Stephen Lane     Martin Halley     Steve Hatt

Xtrac expertise is relied upon by virtually all of the world's top motorsport teams as well as teams racing in ‘one make’ championships and technology regulated formulae. OEM customers also rely on our specialist expertise to give them innovative solutions in short timescales, including complete transmissions for hybrid vehicles and electric drive units (EDUs).