Heath and Safety Policy

Xtrac is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of transmissions systems supporting a wide client base covering the top level Motorsport and High Performance Automotive sectors.

We demonstrate a strong commitment to health, safety and environmental (HS&E) management where our vision is to be known for the excellence of our HS&E performance with our products and in all our business activities

Our goals are to:

  • Create a safe and healthy work environment with no injuries, no work related ill health, no environmental incidents; and
  • Minimise any adverse environmental impact from our products or services.

We expect everyone who works at Xtrac to take personal and collective responsibility to help fulfil our goals, and we expect our suppliers, and contractors to share in this commitment.

We will:

  • Set high standards for HS&E that always comply with the relevant HS&E legal and industry requirements in the UK and USA which drive towards best practice;
  • Manage HS&E issues and impacts throughout our operation and the life cycle of our products and services, and drive continual improvement;
  • Integrate HS&E into our business processes and activities, wherever we operate.
  • Ensure our employees have HS&E training and access to support from competent HS&E professionals;
  • Engage, listen and communicate openly with our employees, contractors, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to report regularly, and where appropriate, on HS&E performance;

We believe that by achieving levels of HS&E performance we can all be proud of we will earn the confidence and respect of all of our stakeholders and the communities we work in.

Signed: Xtrac Directors: September 2015

Peter Digby     Adrian Moore     Cliff Hawkins     Stephen Lane     Martin Halley