Covid 19 Latest Update From Our CEO Adrian Moore

For over 35 years we at Xtrac have been putting our customers and our employees above all else.  Given the Coronavirus COVID-19 global outbreak I wanted to let you know what Xtrac is doing and update you on our most recent initiatives since my first communication on 22nd March 2020.  Our aim is to ensure that our business continues to operate and provide our customers with products and services, whilst keeping our employees safe.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak and government & policy maker’s reaction to it evolves daily, and we will continue to be guided by the UK Government in order to minimise the risk to Xtrac UK employees, and the US Government in order to minimise the risk to Xtrac US employees.

Following this advice, since March 2020 we introduced a significant number of mitigation policies.  These policies are now starting to unwind, but we still remain vigilant, and focused on keeping our employees safe so that our business can provide our customers with the products and services they require.

Our employees and visitors must follow UK Government rules around symptoms, testing, travel and self-isolation please. In addition to this Xtrac employees are encouraged to self-test regularly using lateral flow (LFD) test kits that are readily available from the NHS and we support our employees to take time off to get vaccinated.

  • Social distancing advice given to all employees is as follows:
    • Avoid contact with somebody who is displaying symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19, including shortness of breath, loss or change in sense of smell, a high temperature and/or a new and continuous cough.
    • Follow the UK Government advice on social distancing and travel.


  • Implemented at Xtrac:
    • Strong recommendation for all employees to receive the vaccine at the earliest opportunity (unless they are medically exempt).
    • Hand cleaning policy with sufficient quantities of soap, and with sanitiser distributed around the facility.
    • Social distancing in communal corridor and canteen areas except when seated.
    • PPE provided with mandatory use in specified areas.
    • Temperature check <37.5 Deg C for 100% of visitors entering the building.
    • Visitor policy which prohibits all non-critical visits and ensures that any visitor complies with the government guidelines.
    • Essential visits by Xtrac employees to be authorised only after completion of a COVID-19 risk assessment by the host, supplemented by a visit checklist.
    • Limited one-way system in the building to minimise close interactions at pinch-points with clear markings.
    • Home-working where the job role permits.
    • Regular disinfectant cleaning of communal areas and restroom facilities.
    • Compulsory mask wearing for all employees and visitors entering and leaving the building, in communal corridor and canteen areas.
    • All employees recommended to lateral flow test twice per week at home.
    • All employees to follow the Government travel policies.


We have remained open for business throughout the Coronavirus COVID-19 global outbreak and intend to remain so whilst following any relevant UK Government requirements.  Our clear strategy has enabled us to adapt quickly to the ever-changing situation and enabled us to provide the highest level of customer service in what is now the new normal. As we slowly unwind the policies that we introduce, we will remain guided by the UK Government advice in the Thatcham facility, and the US Government advice for Xtrac Inc. in Mooresville, NC and Indianapolis, IN.

Most importantly, I wish all our customers, employees and their families well. We are all in this together and we will get through it together. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Adrian Moore
Chief Executive Officer
T: +44 1635 293844
M: +44 777595 3512