Contracts Signed in American Sports and Touring Cars

Typically with grid sizes of between 30-35 cars and with 8 different manufacturers involved, having a proven and ultra reliable product is paramount and the record in these first two seasons is testament to the 426’s pedigree. So successful has the TC2000 format proven to be, that these regulations are now to be adopted in a new TC2000 championship in Brazil, again using Xtrac as the sole supplier to the series with the 426 gearbox. Grid sizes are expected to be of a similar size as for the Argentinean series.

Whilst TC2000 in Argentina has used an Xtrac gearbox for it sole supply, 2009 also saw the implementation of a variant of Xtrac’s GRAND-AM Daytona Prototype in the Brazilian Stockcar series, again under an exclusive supply contract. This Brazilian supply contract continues in 2011 but will also be complimented with yet another exclusive supply contract to a similar race format in Argentina namely “Top Race V6”. This is the premier of 3 levels in the Top Race touring car series which has been run since 1997 which unlike TC2000 uses a rear wheel drive format.

The North American GRAND-AM series has been the perfect proving ground for Xtrac’s 386 gearbox and the levels of performance and reliability achieved since its inception in 2003 have been equalled and exclusive supply contracts such as these in South America underline the importance that Xtrac place on Quality, Performance and Reliability.