Motorsport to Automotive Showcase of Capability

Automated Manual, Hybrid and EV gearboxes utilising the latest energy efficient technologies are continually being developed by Xtrac’s HPA engineers working in close collaboration with Xtrac’s motorsport engineers. Products such as the P1192 supercar transverse gearbox and P1227 & P1166 Integrated Lightweight Electric Vehicle (ILEV) transmissions ideally suit the current and future needs of hypercar, supercar and prestige manufacturers such as Bentley Motors.

Xtrac has considerable experience of designing transmissions for high performance IC., hybrid and electric road vehicles. The company has produced many innovative lightweight high-performance transmissions for technology evaluation and for low to medium production volumes.

Xtrac’s HPA Business Unit endeavours to identify new business opportunities where Xtrac’s expertise can satisfy both a race and road application. Particularly in the HPA sector, Xtrac is the ideal transmission technology partner for delivering turnkey transmission projects in the short time frames required by its Customers.