Mental Health Awareness Week

Xtrac is proud to be supporting and promoting Mental Health Awareness Week. Maintaining a good Mental Health is just as important as our Physical Health. The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is Nature. We are encouraging our employees to connect with Nature and be active. This could be taking a walk at lunchtime or participating in a lunchtime run or bike ride to help us all take a moment and help keep a positive mental state.

In December 2020, nine employees undertook a two day training course to become qualified Mental Health First Aiders. Alongside our Employee Assistance Programme, this widens our offering to our employees to help signpost and assist when they may be struggling with their own Mental health.

This Mental Health Awareness Week we are asking our employees to consider the 5 ways to wellbeing as listed below;

  • Connect
  • Be Aware
  • Take Notice
  • Keep Learning
  • Give


By reconnecting with family, friends, work colleagues and maybe new people through learning we are helping to balance our Mental Health and talking to others about how we maybe feeling at any given moment in time.

So take time from your day even just five minutes to step outside and take in your surroundings and what is changing all around you, at work or home.