• Britain’s Industrial Strategy

    Britain’s Industrial Strategy

    Friday 27th January 2017

    Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May announced the government’s plans for a new...

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  • Exporting Excellence

    Exporting Excellence

    Friday 20th January 2017

    Exports are a crucial part of the British economy and a major portion of Xtrac’s annual...

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  • An Exciting Year Ahead

    An Exciting Year Ahead

    Tuesday 10th January 2017

    As we enter into 2017 we see the reintroduction of active centre differentials in the World Rally...

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  • Autosport International Show

    Autosport International Show

    Monday 9th January 2017

    January sees the start of an exciting new race season and the annual Autosport International show...

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  • Performance Racing Industry Show 2016

    Performance Racing Industry Show 2016

    Thursday 8th December 2016

    The 29th annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show runs from 8 – 10 December in Xtrac...

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