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Xtrac’s P1173 4WD transmission has been designed for use in T1 Cross Country Rally / Raid cars competing in series such as the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup and the Dakar Series.

Xtrac has achieved the best possible value product, whilst ensuring a technically reliable and lightweight transmission solution built to our industry-leading quality standard exemplified by the P1173 having its first victory on its debut in the Spanish Baja in July 2013.

Depending upon the application, Xtrac have two differentials, the P247 and P522, which are ideally suited for use with this gearbox.


  • 800Nm (590lbf ft) maximum engine input torque
  • Sequential shift, straight cut non-synchromesh gears engaged – Rev,N,1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Cable lift interlock for the full detent reverse
  • Reverse, 1st and 2nd Layshaft gears are integral to the shaft
  • Low 1st gear down to 6.25 depending on transfer gear ratio
  • Heavy duty full width reverse gear with the same ratio as 1st
  • Transfer gear options between 1.3 to 1.7
  • Gearbox rear drive output shaft positioned for optimum vehicle and transmission package (+90 → +270 Deg)
  • L169 aluminium casings
  • Adjustable preload mechanical type plate centre differential with a range of ramps
  • Mechanical differential lock
  • 50:50 fixed front/rear torque split
  • Internal dual scavenge oil system using an eccentric rotor pump and integrated oil control baffle
  • Direct pressurised oil feed to centre differential friction plates
  • Gear change potentiometer, oil temperature, pressure and final drive speed sensor mountings
  • Provision for front propeller flange speed sensor mountings
  • Provision for driving auxiliary drives such as an alternator or a pump
  • Dog ring inspection holes
  • Gearbox weight approximately 62kg

The Gearbox Offers The Following Benefits

  • Light, positive sequential gear change with polynomial barrel tracks.
  • Easily removable cluster for ratio changes
  • Easily accessible oil filter that can be inspected without draining gearbox oil.
  • Numerous output positions available to suit application
  • Numerous mounting options
  • Cost effective, reliable, lightweight solution

Options Summary

  • 2WD option with the same overall ratio options as 4WD and output in line with input and output drop gears
  • Various propeller flange options
  • Speed sensor triggers and sensors
  • Various options for reverse gear interlock
  • Bespoke bell housing casing design to include bell housing mountings, starter motor mountings and other installation specific requirements
  • Epicyclic VCU centre differential with 50/50 torque split
  • Starter motor, Flywheel & starter ring gear
  • Assisted Gearchange System where regulations allow

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