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Xtrac have worked with the Neo Synthetic Oil Company to further improve their range of synthetic oils and greases to tailor them specifically to suit Xtrac’s range of gearboxes, differentials and driveshaft assemblies. 

Xtrac Xl1

This SAE 75W-90 synthetic oil is compounded with the most recently developed additive system to provide excellent gear life and improved lubrication particularly from a shock load standpoint.

A friction modifier is used to reduce sliding friction, and it has been tested in a multitude of applications and has proven to improve gear life, lower the gearbox temperature and improve efficiency.

As well as its low temperature viscosity benefits, it has excellent high temperature stability. It can be used throughout Xtrac’s range of gearboxes and differentials including limited slip differentials, active differentials and hypoid axles.

EP additives ensure that this oil is suitable for use in gearboxes and differentials where the sliding properties of hypoid gears put extreme demands on the lubricant.

Xtrac Xg1

This synthetic grease has been developed for use in constant velocity joints and tripod joints, some bearing applications, as well as other uses involving high rolling contact.

It is capable of taking high shock loads, torque reversals and large speed variations and is a perfect compliment to Xtrac’s range of driveline components.

Part Numbers

  • 190-0393 XG-1 Joint Grease 85g
  • 190-0394 XG-1 Joint Grease 360g
  • 190-0395 XL-1 75W-90 Oil 3.78L

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