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The P677 Bevels are one of Xtrac’s legacy products, which whilst not currently in production, spares and technical support are still available upon request.

The ‘P677’ Crown wheel and Pinions are produced from Xtrac’s own grade of vacuum ark remelted steels, developed for the specific demands of our Motorsport customers.  The bespoke materials are manufactured to strictly controlled metallurgical constraints to ensure that the material physical properties meet precise performance criteria.

Fitted to NASCAR rear end assemblies, the Xtrac range of bevel gears has been proven to offer the most efficient bevel gears available with superior pattern stability and durability, hence offering increased performance, life and value.  As a result this range, with supplementary Super Speedway and Short Track designs has been used exclusively by many NASCAR Cup and Nationwide/Xfinity teams, with numerous Championships.


  • All NASCAR Cup and Xfinity ratios currently available
  • Reduced weight designs for ‘Restrictor Plate’ ratios
  • Manufactured from Xvar1, a high core strength, super clean, low alloy, vacuum remelted, case hardening steel. Specifically manufactured for Xtrac and ultrasonically tested
  • Heat treated to increase core strength and surface hardness, using Xtrac’s in-house Atmosphere Controlled CNC Sealed Quench Furnaces, and Xtrac’s internal quality controls to ensure supreme metallurgical consistency
  • Spiral bevel profiles fully form ground, both before and after heat treatment, with smooth root profile to reduce stress concentrations
  • Duplex shot peen, using vacublast shot peening systems
  • Hard-cut pinion threads
  • Xtrem super polished, to reduce fatigue and increase component life
  • Balinit ® coating available as an option
  • Each gear set supplied serial numbered, boxed, and with full setup information

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