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This gearbox is designed and manufactured for GT Sports Car applications such as GTE & GT3. It is a customer specification transverse gearbox, based on Xtrac’s successful Le Mans winning LMP gearbox designs. The casings are non-structural and ideally suited to the various GT classes.

The project involved the design, manufacture and assembly of a rear mounted, transverse gearbox. The resultant design allows gear cluster changes without disassembly of the rear of the car. Gear changes are performed using Xtrac’s positive and reliable sequential gearchange mechanisms which are compatible will all leading AGS suppliers.

Xtrac’s legendary record for reliability and performance was built on multiple winning Le Mans record from products like this.


  • 800Nm (590lbf ft) maximum engine input torque*
  • 1st and 2nd Layshaft gears are integral, 3rd to 6th are slide on. With a wide range of available ratios
  • Gearbox casing material is Magnesium RZ5 and all casting joint faces have ‘O’-Ring seals
  • Differential is the Xtrac Viscous Combined Plate (VCP) with a choice of settings
  • Straight cut gear ground final drive 14:50, 14:48, 15:47, 16:45, 16:42, 17:41, and 18:39 are available as standard
  • Clutch shaft to suit customer installation is included
  • Hard cut Klingelnberg bevel set
  • Xtrac manufactured Output flanges are included to suit GI 87 size Tripode joints
  • Lubrication is via twin stage lubrication pump
  • Most components are manufactured in Xtrac’s own grade of steel (X36C). Bevel sets, final drives and pinions are manufactured in Xtrac’s vacuum melted steel (XVAR1), using the post heat treatment gear grinding or hard cutting process for greater accuracy and longer life. Highly stressed components are shot peened
  • Gearbox weight 57kg (125lb)* spec dependent

The Gearbox Offers The Following Benefits

  • Dedicated suspension and rocker post detail
  • Quick change gear ratios
  • Cost effective, reliable solution

Options Summary

  • Gear ground and super polished ratios (Xtrem Process) are available
  • Rear mounted starter
  • Alternator drive and mounting
  • Clutch mounting on gearbox
  • Pneumatic Shift Cylinder

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