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The P223 rear differential is an independent unit designed for rear drive applications, typically for high powered Touring or GT Sportscars.

Reduction is via a two stage cross shaft and bevel, allowing a high input to output height (87.0mm) variation whilst maintaining efficiency. These features combined with the unit’s high quality, low cost attributes make this product ideal for a wide variety of racing categories.


  • 4,400Nm (3,245lbf ft) maximum output torque.* (Typical engine torque 600Nm)
  • Cast Aluminium L169 Alloy casing and rear cover.
  • Viscous combined Plate (VCP) differential.
  • High efficiency gear ground input spiral bevel pair for greater strength & life. Xtrem polished as standard.
  • Input bevel mounted on heavy duty taper roller bearings.
  • Full form gear ground and Xtrem polished output spur gear.
  • Overall reduction 3.75:1. 18:22 input bevel and 14:43 output spur.
  • Oil Pump, trilobe 6mm-rotor type.
  • Internal filter.
  • Prop shaft flange options: ∅100 mm Lobro or Universal Joint.
  • Xtrac manufactured Output flanges are included to suit GI 87 size Tripode joints.
  • Input and output flange lip seals with additional dust shields.
  • Differential weight is approximately 38kg (83.6lb).*

The Differential Offers The Following Benefits

  •  Proven endurance racing credentials.
  • Cost effective, reliable solution.

Options Summary

  • Plate only limited slip differential.
  • Different ratings of viscous coupling are available.
  • Magnesium castings.
  • Large selection of ramp options.
  • Lobro style output flanges

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