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The next generation of transmission actuation is ‘ratchetless’ electric drive. Xtrac have developed an ingenious approach that enables a small and light form to actuate the transmission quickly, accurately and repeatedly, whilst only drawing low electrical currents from the car system.


  • Black anodised aluminium 2014 T6 housing
  • CAN link for data transmission to vehicle
  • Operating temperature range from 0°C to 80°C
  • Environmental protection IP65
  • 12-18V supply
  • Current Draw 30A nominal during shifting
  • 9 position with 40 degrees barrel rotation between shifts
  • Internal potentiometer (0-5V analogue output)
  • Each unit has its own unique serial number
  • Deutsch Autosport AS012-35PN electric connector (22 pin)
  • LED indicator to show unit state
  • AV mounted


  • Reduced overall vehicle weight due to no requirement for additional compressors, valve-blocks, batteries or capacitor packs
  • Direct actuation results in faster shifting
  • Internal Mechanical design inherently prevents ‘overthrows’ and ‘position drift’
  • Direct barrel actuation reduces parts count within gearbox
  • Gearshift can be controlled by ECU – Separate GCU is not required
  • Lower servicing costs than conventional systems due to fewer components / assemblies
  • Interchangeable mechanical interface with Xtrac IVA products (P1154 & P1254)

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