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After over a decade of collaboration with MEGA-Line, utilising their Gearchange Control Units (GCUs) and valve block assemblies connected to Xtrac dual acting reciprocal actuators, Xtrac and MEGA-Line have jointly developed an Integrated Valve Actuator (IVA) pneumatic rotary gearchange unit.

The P1254 has many significant advantages over conventional gearchange system which utilise separate valve blocks and actuators.


  • Black anodised aluminium 2014 T6 housing.
  • CAN link for data transmission to vehicle.
  • Operating temperature range from 0 Deg. C to 120 Deg. C.
  • Environmental protection IP65.
  • Input voltage 13.5V.
  • Current Draw <50mA @ 13.5V, ~0.35A during valve actuation @ 13.5V.
  • 9 position with 40 degrees barrel rotation between shifts.
  • Internal twin track potentiometer.
  • Unit weight 1.2kg (2.6lb).
  • Dash 3 external air line fitting.
  • Each unit has its own unique serial number.
  • Deutsch Autosport AS010-35PN electric connector (13 pin).
  • LED indicator to show unit state.
  • AV mounted.

The Iva Offers The Following Benefits

  • Air consumption reduced by up to 80% of conventional systems.
  • Reduced overall vehicle weight due to integration of valve block, actuator and ratchet system into a single unit.
  • Direct actuation results in faster shifting.
  • Direct barrel actuation reduces part count within gearbox.
  • Gearshift can be controlled by ECU – Separate GCU is not required.
  • Lower servicing costs than conventional systems due to extended service intervals.

Options Summary

  • Clockwise and Counter Clockwise rotation versions available.
  • MEGA-Line GT μC Compressor.
  • MEGA-Line compact shift paddles.
  • Internal air feed option

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