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The P1153 differential is an independent unit designed for rear drive applications. It is the perfect differential to be used in conjunction with Xtrac’s in line P1080 sequential Touring car gearbox.

The unit incorporates high quality, low cost features making the product particularly suitable for Touring car type events.

For higher torque and more arduous environments, the heavy duty Xtrac 247 differential can be utilised.


  • 4,400Nm (3,245lbf ft) maximum output torque.*
  • Cast Aluminum L169 Alloy casing and side cover.
  • CW&P 11:36 (3.272:1) Standard fitment
  • CW&P mounted on heavy duty taper roller bearings
  • Externally adjustable plate type differential with multiple friction discs material options and various cross pin and ramp angles. Up to 8 friction faces per side.
  • Recirculating wet sump oil system.
  • Internal oil pump, eccentric 9mm-rotor type with internal filter. Configured for external cooler.
  • Output flanges to suit Lobro joints (∅100mm)

The Differential Offers The Following Benefits

  • Differential weight is approximately 24kg (53lb).*
  • Multiple friction disc materials
  • External preload adjustment
  • Cost effective, reliable solution.

Options Summary

  • Large selection of ramp options.
  • Multiple friction disc materials
  • Prop shaft flange options: PCD ∅69.8, 79.4 or 84.0mm Lobro
  • Heavy duty ‘247’ differential also available.

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