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Xtrac’s ‘P1113’ 4WD transmission has been designed specifically to cater for Rally cars operating within national rally championships, with a specification broadly in line with the FIA R5 regulations.

The ‘P1113’ transmission utilises Xtrac’s championship winning experience in S2000 and WRC applications to deliver a technically reliable and lightweight transmission solution built to its normal industry-leading quality standard.


  • 6 speed manual sequential gear change.
  • 500Nm (368lbf ft) maximum engine input torque.
  • Cast aluminium L169 casings.
  • Mechanical type plate front and rear differentials with externally adjustable positive preload.
  • 50:50 fixed front/rear torque split.
  • Gearbox rear drive output shaft positioned for optimum vehicle and transmission package.
  • Rear differential including Xtrac’s patented rear drive disconnect system.
  • Integrated oil system using an eccentric rotor pump.
  • Provision for oil temperature, oil pressure and final drive speed sensor mountings.
  • Provision for individual wheel speed sensor mountings.
  • Gearbox weight approximately 55kg.
  • Rear differential weight approximately 35kg.

Transmission Benefits

  • Light, positive sequential gear change.
  • Optimised cluster to provide near instantaneous gear change.
  • Easily removable cluster assembly for ratio changes.
  • Easily accessible oil filter cartridges.
  • Simple and efficient adjustment of differential preload.
  • Designed for optimised drive shaft angularity.
  • Cost effective, reliable, lightweight solution.

Options Summary

  • Various driveline options.
  • Prop shaft flanges to suit specific requirements.
  • Various output flange options to suit drive shaft joints including AAR and plug in types. Integral speed sensor trigger as required.
  • Various options for reverse gear interlock cable assemblies.
  • Gear change position potentiometer.
  • AP Racing clutch release.

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