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The P1092 gearbox is one of Xtrac’s legacy products, which whilst not currently in production, spares and technical support are still available upon request.

The Xtrac 1092 Torque Vectoring gearbox was developed for the REEVolution project, which was a collaborative research and development programme funded by the Technology Strategy Board; designed to create new high performance range extended electric vehicles (REEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). Jaguar Land Rover led the consortium, which included vehicle manufacturers Lotus and, through its Infiniti brand, Nissan. The battery, electric motor and transmission suppliers were, respectively, Axeon Technologies, EVO Electric and Xtrac.

The consortium built three vehicles to showcase the innovative new technologies, and these were demonstrated at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2012.  The demonstrators aimed to be best in class and build on the skills of all the businesses involved. The driving force was the development of a UK supply chain for new ultra low carbon vehicle technologies to position suppliers so that they can exploit an expanding global market.

The design drew on Xtrac’s precision design and manufacturing engineering capabilities with a specific focus on ensuring the adopted ground helical gear sets were silent for the most demanding electric vehicle applications.

The transmission featured a torque vectoring gear set which delivered individual torque control to each of the driven wheels. This feature allows vehicle manufacturers an optimum solution for tuning traction and vehicle handling characteristics.


  • Reduction ratio of 4,58:1
  • Peak input torque = 1000 Nm (500 Nm per Electric Motor)
  • Maximum input speed = 8000 rpm
  • Standard automotive plug in driveshafts
  • Integrated parking brake
  • Pumped electric oil system
  • Gearbox casing material is high strength Aluminium alloy L169
  • Weight – 50 Kg


  • High Torque Capacity
  • Torque Vectoring
  • Design easily adapted for alternative motors
  • Efficient and silent ground helical gear set

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