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The ‘P1011’ Gearbox is Xtrac’s third generation of IndyCar Transmission, continuing the line of Quality, Performance and Reliability that are Xtrac’s hallmarks. A completely new design of gearbox over its predecessor.  This helps improve safety by reducing the inertia of the vehicle in a spin also allowing a large crash structure to be added to help absorb the energy from rear end impacts.

Drive is fed from the engine directly to the gearchange cluster and on to two pairs of drop gears, which in turn drive a hard cut Klingelnberg bevel set.  In standard configuration the bevel drives a lightweight spool with integral output flanges and a differential is available for use on Road Courses.  Gear changes are performed using Xtrac’s, positive and reliable sequential gearchange mechanism.

Xtrac’s legendary record for reliability and performance is built by products like this, which have won multiple Indy 500 victories, in fact every ‘500’ since 2000.


  • 650Nm maximum engine input torque.*
  • 6 Speed sequential dog gear selection.
  • Integral 1st gear Layshaft, 2nd to 6th are slide on.
  • Straight cut, non-synchromesh gears.
  • Gearbox casing material is Aluminium L169 and all casting joint faces have ‘O’-Ring seals.
  • Gear ground bevel set.
  • Lubrication is via single stage dual port / pick up lubrication pump.
  • Gearbox weight 70Kg (154lb).*
  • Paddle operated, pnuematic sequential gearchange.
  • Easy ratio change.
  • Cost effective, reliable solution.
  • Xtrem Process available on all components if desired.
  • Road Course Differential unit with a choice of ramp angles, plate and preload settings.
  • A wide selection of ratios and alternative final drives are available.
  • Reverse gear assembly, driving oil pump.
  • Externally adjustable plate type differential.
  • Gearchange potentiometer, mounting and display.

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