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The 1010 concept Hybrid Automated Manual gearbox has been developed for premium Sportscar applications. Developed under the “Race to Road” banner, the design draws on Xtrac’s peerless pedigree in Le Mans and Sportscar racing to deliver a CO2 emission beating road car transmission.

Xtrac’s precision design and manufacturing engineering capabilities have ensured that the ground helical gear sets will deliver market leading NVH refinement for the most demanding EV modes.

Particularly suited to mid-engine or front mid-engine sports cars, the transmission features an overlapping ratio gear shift system to improve shift times. With the addition of hybridisation, the shifts are further improved by the ability to “Torque Infill” up to customer defined maximum speeds (Circa 150km/h). Hybridisation also provides a pure EV mode along with a KERS style boost at higher speeds for overtaking.


  • 7 Speed high performance supercar AMT transaxle
  • 800 – 1,100Nm peak input torque (depending upon duty cycle)
  • Gear ratio range to suit application, typically 5,9:1 ratio spread
  • Helical gear ground gears optimised for refinement and strength
  • Full form ground bevel gears for refinement and strength
  • Multi-cone synchronisers on all forward gears
  • Gearbox casing material is high strength Aluminium alloy L169
  • Smooth acting plate limited slip differential (LSD) with optional active differential
  • Re-circulating oil lubrication system with thermostatically controlled feed to all critical areas
  • Universal front face bolt pattern for adaptor/bellhousing.
  • 120kg Transmission weight (Inc cooler, controls, clutch and oil)
  • 48kg E-Motor and integration weight
  • 168kg Total package weight


  • Multiple modes of operation
  • Input and output hybrid connection
  • Torque infill for improved shift control and performance
  • KERS “Push to pass” for overtaking
  • Modular design, AMT only or hybrid
  • Compact and weight efficient package
  • Improved weight distribution and CofG potential of complete powertrain
  • Cost effective hybrid solution

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