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Xtrac are an official partner of MegaLine and can offer their well proven Assisted Gear change System (AGS) as part of a comprehensive package to include Xtrac designed and developed peripheral components and full test and event support.

The AGS system consists of the Gearbox Control Unit (GCU), Remote Valve Block, Gearshift Actuator, blipper (if required), steering wheel mounted shift paddles and a few additional switches on the dashboard.  The central Gearbox Control Unit is the heart of the Assisted Gear change System, which includes the electronic control system and the compressor with reservoir. One hose supplies an external actuator with air, further hoses from the Remote Valve Block supply the Gearchange Actuator, and Throttle Blipper.

Xtrac products also are fully compatible with many other pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems assisted gearshift system. 


  • 16 bit micro controller using flash technology
  • Full closed loop control of all aspects of the gearchange sequence
  • Automated ignition control during up shifts, and throttle blips on down shifts
  • CAN and a USB interface for communication with external components
  • Hundreds of customisable parameters for optimal tuning of the system
  • Non contacting paddles for reliability including function indicator LED
  • Automatic learning of gear ratios and gear position, negating the need for manual input
  • Emergency mode open loop control failure option 


  • In the event of leakage, the system will continue to operate effectively
  • Increased safety due to keeping hands on the wheel during gearchanges
  • Removes linkages and levers from the cockpit increasing safety 

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