Grand AM

The 2004 Grand AM Rolex Sports Car Series has now reached the half way point of the season; the first 6 races for Xtrac's brand new Daytona Prototype '386' transmission have been fantastic.

Throughout the transmission’s first race at the Daytona 24 hours, held under torrential rain, (and consequentially reduced to just 18 hours) all of the gearboxes worked flawlessly. The‘386’ equipped Crawford Race car, piloted at the time by NASCAR star Tony Stewart, unfortunately came up just 15 minutes short of victory when the right rear suspension failed.

After that first race things just kept getting better. The ‘386’ transmission has won every round since and this includes clean sweeps of the podium at the two most recent events. The Watkins Glen round also saw the successful introduction of the ‘370’ transmission design, developed specifically for the new regulations of the GT category, and now fitted to Scuderia Ferrari of Washington’s Maserati car.

The next round of the Rolex series will be on August 7th, at Mid-Ohio Sports Car course, and will see 8 Xtrac equipped cars taking the start. We are hoping to extend our success to 6 wins from 7 starts.

With incredible interest from other manufacturers attracted by its reduced weight, lower centre of gravity, better driver feel and reduced running costs when compared to the competition, the future statistics for the ‘386’ transmission looks very bright.

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