Xtrac Quasi-Transient

Xtrac have a very active R&D laboratory area which includes material research as well as transmission developments and it is used for in-house projects and by customers. To further increase our capabilities to support predictive modelling, we have commissioned a quasi-static differential test rig. This is a significant investment using our closed loop torque path concept, first seen on our 4 square rig, and will increase our understanding and calibration of mechanical plate, VCP and VLP differentials. The control system has been written by an industry renowned software developer to provide a bespoke programme, and will increase our capability to provide differential solutions. Power is provided by a 45kW motor to give an input torque capability of 1000Nm and a locking torque capacity of 100Nm at 500rpm across the differential. The working section length is 550rpm which will cater for all types of plate, VCP and VLP differentials. The rig will be commissioned shortly and will be available for use by customers.

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