New 474 Box

Designed to be used in a number of applications such as Hill Climbing, Historic F1 or LMP675 Sports Cars, the 474 gearbox offers F1 design at an affordable price.

This transverse transaxle is currently running in four Gould GR55B cars (powered by NME XB engines) in the British Hill Climb Championships. At the recent Shelsley Walsh round, Martin Groves not only drove his Gould to victory, but also took the outright record beating previous record holder Adam Fleetwood, by 0.01 seconds.

The Gould / NME / Xtrac is proving so successful that all four cars are now in the top 5 positions in the championship, with Martin Groves leading overall.

Some key features of this new '474' gearbox are magnesium casings, 6 speed sequential shift suitable for manual or semi-auto operation, hard cut CWP and final drive, concentric clutch release, various differentials and 550Nm torque rating all in a gearbox weighing only 47kg.

The Maincase can be machined to suit Cosworth HB, XB, AC, Judd CV EV and most other large V8 / V10 engines, thereby negating the need for additional adaptor plate and maximum chassis stiffness.

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