Historic Sebring Victory

18th March 2006 saw the first victory in a major Sportscar race for a diesel powered car, the Audi R10. What made this achievement even more impressive wasn’t just the fact that this was the debut race for the R10, or that Audi secured a new lap record, but that they also started from the pit lane. Xtrac would like to congratulate Audi on this fantastic victory.

Xtrac would also like to congratulate Corvette Racing and Multimatic Motorsports Team Panoz for both winning their respective classes of GT1 and GT2.

Xtrac’s proven reliability and track record was bolstered even further this weekend with 7 of the top 10 finishers using Xtrac Transmissions or Differentials.

Pos Drivers                                 Car                     Class

1    Capello, Kristensen, McNish    Audi R10              LMP1

2    Field, Halliday, Field              Lola B05/40AER     LMP2

3    Gavin, Beretta, Magnussen    Corvette C6-R        GT1

4    Bright, Lamy, Sarrazin           Aston Martin DBR9  GT1

5    Weaver, Leitzinger, Wallace   Lola B06/10 AER     LMP1

6    Enge, Turner, Kiesa              Aston Martin DBR9   GT1

7    Fellows, OConnell, Papis       Corvette C6-R         GT1

8    Maassen, Luhr, Collard         Porsche RS Spyder  LMP2

9    Maxwell, Brabham, Bourdais  Panoz Esperante    GT2

10  vanOverbeek, Fogarty, Lieb  Porsche 911          GT3 GT2


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